Picnic table made from reclaimed Teak seen on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Curved Arm Benches

Our founder, John Staub, featured in a newspaper article

June, 1995.


Teak West specializes in furniture and decor made from reclaimed and recycled teak wood. From rustic interpretations of classic designs to one of a kind artifacts, it's our mission to provide you with exclusive decor that is not only beautiful and durable but also eco-friendly. Our whole team is incredibly proud to offer you the world's most desirable wood in an environmentally sustainable way. 

We offer you one of the most desirable woods in its rarest form, natural growth teak. Due to protectionist laws, the only way to enjoy the benefits of this amazing specie is by utilizing the antiquities of the past. As old farms and agricultural homesteads are abandoned, barns, fences, carts, plows, sugar and bean grinders, and a myriad of other tools and objects are transformed into items essential to our everyday lives.

Teak West's founder, John Staub, began importing European antiques to the US in the late 1970's. Just a few years later, while adventuring through southeast Asia, he befriended many wood workers and forged relationships that endure to this day. Over the next 30 years John penned hundreds of original rustic designs and was a champion for the use of sustainable practices in the furniture industry. Sadly, John passed away in 2014. He was a beloved father, uncle, brother, friend, and mentor; His bright personality and terrible jokes will be forever missed by all that knew him well.