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Sugar Grinder on Stand


This heavy Grinding wheel was hand carved and designed to extract the sweet juice of sugar cane and after several decades of dependable use its only job now is to beautify your home and provoke interesting conversations. 

Item No. GR-255

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Teak West - Sugar Grinder on Stand.jpg

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We offer you one of the most desirable woods in its rarest form, natural growth teak. Due to protectionist laws, the only way to enjoy the benefits of this amazing specie is by utilizing the antiquities of the past. As old farms and agricultural homesteads are abandoned, barns, fences, carts, plows, sugar and bean grinders, and a myriad of other tools and objects are transformed into items essential to our everyday lives. It is important to understand the nature of this ancient wood and the climate from which it comes. Some climates in the United States are far less humid than the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. As a result there is a possibility of shrinkage and superficial checks and cracks may appear depending on your local climate and what elements the piece is exposed to. We work very hard to give you the most accurate photos and information but due to the reclaimed and handmade nature of these products, dimensions, shape, and color can vary slightly from stock photos. As a small business we take pride in our customer service. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.