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Why Teak?

This is by far the most frequently asked question we get. The simple answer is Teak's beauty and extream durability. Because if its tight grain and natural oils, teak is exceptionally water, rot, and bug resistant which makes it the ideal wood for any outdoor application.  However, not all teak is created equal. Explore below for a more detailed explanation and discover why      Teak West offers you the best reclaimed teak furniture available. 

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For Hundreds of years teak has been prized for its natural beauty and durability. Its abundance and strength made it sought after material for temples, railroads, ships, barns, agricultural equipment and tools, and furniture. However,  centuries of colonial deforestation means most modern teak products must be made from plantation grown teak which is known to be less durable and desirable compared to natural growth specimes.  

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 Our Natural Growth Teak

We offer you one of the most desirable wood in its rarest form, natural growth teak. Due to protectionist laws, the only way to enjoy the benefits of this amazing wood is by utilizing the antiquities of the past. As old farms and agricultural homesteads are abandoned, barns, fences, carts, plows, sugar and bean grinders, and a myriad of other tools and objects are transformed into items essential to our everyday lives.

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Care and Maintenance

 Teak wood has natural oils that protect it from bugs and rot, but there are a few tips to further protect your investment. Over time, teak wood will oxidize and transform to an ashy, silver color. This process usually takes 1-2 years of heavy outdoor exposure. For customers who prefer the gold/honey color, a simple oil treatment once every 3-6 months will maintain a like new appearance. If your teak has transformed to silver, lightly sand with 200 grit paper and apply a coat of oil in direct sunlight to restore color.